Rare @ Manchester – Celebratory Event – July 2023

August 30th 2023

On July 19th, 2023, Manchester marked its commitment to addressing the needs of people living with rare conditions with the first anniversary of the Rare Conditions Centre. This event spotlighted the city’s collaborative efforts in improving diagnosis, care, and treatments through research and support.

The anniversary featured presentations that covered key areas of progress. These included advancements in diagnosis and care coordination, the impactful role of big data in understanding and treating rare conditions, and the critical importance of advocacy and awareness in driving forward these initiatives. Contributions from leading institutions and healthcare groups highlighted the collaborative spirit fuelling these improvements.

The event not only celebrated the achievements made so far but also set the stage for future endeavours. It reinforced the community’s commitment to pushing boundaries and sharing innovative developments in the support and understanding of rare conditions. With the Rare Conditions Centre at its core, Manchester’s collaborative efforts continue to make a meaningful impact in the field.