About Us

The MRCC is a virtual centre based at the Manchester Foundation NHS Trust with partners across the region, the country and the globe. The MRCC aims to improve the lives of people with rare conditions, of all ages, by providing a platform for coordination of clinical care, research,  education and engagement. The objectives of the MRCC align with the 2021 UK Rare Diseases Framework.

Operations team

The MRCC has a  dedicated team to help realise it’s mission.  The MRCC Operations Team are the heartbeat behind of our centres projects and programs.

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Our Partners

The MRCC is a platform that brings together the public,  healthcare specialists, researchers and private industry to improve the lives of those with and effected by Rare Conditions. Discover the valuable partnerships that help support centre.

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The Manchester Rare Conditions Centre is a platform for improving clinical services research, education, and engagement in rare conditions. the MRCC team have developed the following strategic plan that guides our projects and programs.

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