Treatments are currently not possible for most Rare Conditions. Manchester is  a globally recognised centre for research in rare conditions. The MRCC is leveraging the excellent research ecosystem in Manchester to improve research in Rare Conditions.

NIHR Manchester BRC RC Theme

The NIHR Manchester Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) functions as a partnership involving the University of Manchester and six prominent local NHS institutions. Its primary aim is to unite researchers and medical practitioners in converting scientific advancements into possible novel therapies, diagnostics, and medical innovations. By doing so, they aim to enhance patient outcomes, benefit the public, and improve the overall health and care system.

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Principal Investigators

Manchester is a recognised Centre of research excellence for several Rare Conditions. Here are some of our Principle Investigators to collaborate with. The rare conditions our Principle Investigators specialise in have also been listed.

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Research Facilities

Manchester is a recognised Centre of excellence for Rare Conditions research. Here is a list of Manchester’s cutting edge facilities that support research.

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Research Fellows

The MRCC Clinical Research Fellowship program is providing opportunities to health care professionals to receive clinical research training to benefit patients with Rare Conditions. 

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Generation study

A national study being led by Genomics England that will evaluate the potential of identifying actionable childhood-onset rare genetic conditions following birth, by sequencing and analysing 100,000 babies’ genomes.

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